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Ariel Berger - ArtExpress '21

Emanuel School graduate 2020 Ariel Berger speaks about the challenges, breakthroughs and conceptual intentions in making his HSC Visual Arts Body of Work. Ariel's work 'A Family Lunch' is part of this year's ArtExpress and is on display at Hazelhurst Arts Centre, as well as the official ArtExpress Virtual Exhibition, the work will also tour up to Grafton Regional Gallery later this year. See the full video by Hazelhurst Arts Centre at

ARIEL BERGER, A family lunch, white earthernware clay, underglaze, glaze, wood, lazy susan, 2020

The cyclical nature of time reflects the endless rhythm of human life. The circle indefinitely repeats, depicting the ebb and flow of life and continuity within the family line. The family lunch is a gathering, repeated hundreds of times with varying configurations, as members of the family are born, grow and die. No one is immune to the ticking of the clock.

Ariel Berger

Click to see the virtual HSC Showcase 2020 and download the catalogue

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