Investigating our connections to our immediate contexts and the spaces in which we inhabit, we are able to recognise how these spaces can both shape and reflect our identities. 


Students used images of their homes, explored the art practice of Howard Arkley and applied Pop Art sensibilities to developing their paintings.

abstract sculpture

In studying both analytical and synthetic Cubism through the sculptural works of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris and others, students deepen their understanding of the abstracted form in Modernist art. From here, students use a sequence of observational sketches they have made of musical instruments as a 'still life' in order to inform their development of an abstract sculpture. Here, students have fully realised the tenets of Abstraction in three dimensions, and yet, the viewer still recognises hints of a fretboard, the bridge of a cello, or the f-holes of a violin. 

Emanuel School Visual Arts 

contemporary visual practice underpinned by our understanding of the past