tote bags

In exploring a variety of Pop Art sources that range from Warhol to Shepard Fairey, students developed dynamic designs to apply to their Visual Arts Tote Bags.

The brief for this work involved students selecting a quote and devising an icon like design that would illustrate the central ideas in the quote. These are turned into stencils and applied in two colours to the tote bag.

The juxtaposition of text and image create a clever and at times humorous result that showcase the power of visual communications.

pop art tiles

This work was the culmination of a series of material, technical and conceptual explorations of the portrait in art. 

Here students created ceramic tiles, which were then incised with the outlines of their own self portrait.


Students were informed by Pop Art in their choice of colours and composition. 

Emanuel School Visual Arts 

contemporary visual practice underpinned by our understanding of the past