landscape painting

Students studied the topic of art and illusion, giving consideration to  consideration social and historical ways of seeing. The water colour of a cityscape demonstrates students representation of distance on a 2D surface. The popular illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu inspired students aerial perspective drawings.

LandscapesY5_ 15
LandscapesY5_ 21
LandscapesY5_ 20
LandscapesY5_ 12
LandscapesY5_ 17
LandscapesY5_ 19
LandscapesY5_ 18
LandscapesY5_ 16
LandscapesY5_ 13
LandscapesY5_ 14
LandscapesY5_ 11
LandscapesY5_ 8
LandscapesY5_ 6
LandscapesY5_ 7
LandscapesY5_ 5
LandscapesY5_ 1
LandscapesY5_ 4
LandscapesY5_ 2
LandscapesY5_ 3

Emanuel School Visual Arts 

contemporary visual practice underpinned by our understanding of the past