animation for social action

Year 9 Visual Arts students identified contemporary social and environmental issues that they were passionate about. They then searched for poetic texts that explored these issues and used these poems and inspirations for their animated adaptations.  

'Chimera' - mythical creatures

Year 9 Visual Arts - Chimera Etchings

In Semester 1, our Visual Arts class created two series of etchings of a chimera as subject matter. A chimera is composed of two or more animals. Some chimeras combine human features with other creatures. Chimeras are derived from mythology, legends, fairy-tales, and modern fables.

Initially we incised the chimera on an acetate etching plate. These were traced from original images that were made using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Our second chimera was much harder as we had to redraw our first image straight onto an aluminium plate, so there was no room for mistakes. The etching plate was dipped for eight minutes into a diluted bath of ferric chloride. The acid bites into the engraved lines, creating visible marks.

Learning to ink the plate and creating an edition of prints on rag paper took a lot of practice. Once our series of etchings were completed, we wrote a poem that described the attributes of our depicted chimera. I loved etching, it was so calming, relaxing and beautiful.


Justin Faul

Chimera_2020_ 4
Chimera_2020_ 2
Chimera_2020_ 10
Chimera_2020_ 3
Chimera_2020_ 16
Chimera_2020_ 19
Chimera_2020_ 7
Chimera_2020_ 18
Chimera_2020_ 17
Chimera_2020_ 15
Chimera_2020_ 14
Chimera_2020_ 13
Chimera_2020_ 12
Chimera_2020_ 11
Chimera_2020_ 9
Chimera_2020_ 8
Chimera_2020_ 6
Chimera_2020_ 5
Chimera_2020_ 1


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contemporary still life

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