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tree of life

Students have studied the motifs associated with the Tree of Life, derived from the Old Testament. Inspired by the abstract imagery of the Australian painter John Coburn (1925-2006), students have drawn their own version of a Tree of Life, incorporating symbols that express the beauty of nature. Students engraved their images onto plastic etching plates and later printed their designs onto rag paper using an etching press. Many of the children’s motifs go beyond the biblical tree and they use the tree symbol to speak about peace and the environment.

TreeOfLife_ 1
TreeOfLife_ 23
TreeOfLife_ 22
TreeOfLife_ 21
TreeOfLife_ 20
TreeOfLife_ 19
TreeOfLife_ 18
TreeOfLife_ 17
TreeOfLife_ 16
TreeOfLife_ 15
TreeOfLife_ 14
TreeOfLife_ 13
TreeOfLife_ 12
TreeOfLife_ 11
TreeOfLife_ 9
TreeOfLife_ 10
TreeOfLife_ 7
TreeOfLife_ 6
TreeOfLife_ 3
TreeOfLife_ 5
TreeOfLife_ 4
TreeOfLife_ 2
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