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HSC bodies of work

In many ways, for a student, learning can seem entirely about deciphering rules, structures, disciplines and frameworks; and these are all valuable lessons. Though, as we learn these structures, we are also faced with choices between our compliance and divergence within them. When do I obey and when do I rebel? The creative process navigates us through our learning, in a way that somehow synthesises these opposing impulses.   

When a student of Visual Arts arrives at their final year, they confront a unique undertaking. The Visual Arts ‘body of work’ needs to engage in and in turn communicate significant conceptual investigations of self and of the world around us. It needs to do so through the manipulation of a broad spectrum of materials and techniques and engage with the historical and contemporary contexts that ultimately inform all artists and their audiences. With this brief, students face an empty space; a ‘blank canvas’. They must conceive and define their subject matter. They must develop their aesthetics and skill sets. They must cultivate and refine what will become their fundamental artistic practice.

The creative process that has driven each of the artworks in this year’s HSC Showcase is also the force that continues to fuel our cultural momentum. As such, it stands as a most valuable and essential human attribute, and one that each of the artists herein have embraced.

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Ambrahams, Jayda Install
Sawicki, Sophie9
Sawicki, Sophie3
Sawicki, Sophie1
Sawicki, Sophie8
Sawicki, Sophie4
Sawicki, Sophie7
Sawicki, Sophie5
Sawicki, Sophie2
Sawicki, Sophie6
Vaknin, Eitan (Install)
Rubin, Emil_ Install
Rubin, Emily3
Rubin, Emily2
Rubin, Emily1
Nebenzahl, Rebecca1
Nebenzahl, Rebecca5
Nebenzahl, Rebecca4
Nebenzahl, Rebecca3
Nebenzahl, Rebecca2
Miller, Arin (Install)
Miller, Arin4_edited
Miller, Arin3
Miller, Arin2
Miller, Arin1
Miller, Arin-Projection
Meretz, Noam5
Meretz, Noam4
Meretz, Noam3
Meretz, Noam2
King, Lara5
King, Lara4
King, Lara2
DeVeroli, Kiara4
DeVeroli, Kiara1jpg
DeVeroli, Kiara2
DeVeroli, Kiara3
DeVeroli, Kiara3jpg
DeVeroli, Kiara1
Armstron, Maya-4
Armstron, Maya-5
Armstron, Maya-3
Armstron, Maya-2
Armstron, Maya-1
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