propaganda posters

These posters were created as part of a Unit called 'Dissidence and Dreams'. Students learnt about the cultural revolution in China and focused on Australian-Chinese dissident artist Guo Jian. Each students selected a message or cause which they felt strongly about and began to design a poster which would have influence on the viewer. Students painted a self-portrait using oil painting skills they learnt earlier in the year at Art Camp. They then used Photoshop to altered them to fit the propaganda style and aesthetics. Text and other symbols were added, which helped to communicate their overall  message.

Hannah Dukes

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Hannah Propaganda Poster
RickyBlank_Poster 2
Joel_Propaganda Poster


These ceramic based artworks are based on the amphora, an Ancient Greek vessel traditionally used as a storage jar. Each student sculpted their piece, with its neck narrower than the body, using a coil building technique. Students used underglaze and incising in order to decorate their piece alluding to the classical Greek colours of brown, white and black. Students were inspired by British artist, Grayson Perry’s art practice; he utilises the three-dimensional form of the amphora to create a narrative and story of one’s life. He explains the difference between a 'vase' and a pot as being its context, as well as purely the audience’s interpretation.

Mikayla Saks


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