Brand Development project

Yr 9 Business Creators 
The Emanuel School canteen asked us to develop a logo for their business. The canteen was the client and Year 9 Business Creators become the marketing agency. Our brief was simple. Design a logo that would be appropriate for a school canteen – a business that sells takeaway food. The logo should reflect the vision of the two owners of the business as to what type of canteen they are building. They want a logo that reflects:
-    Fun 
-    Quality 
-    Fresh food   
-    Healthy / Nutritious 
-    Colourful (but not the colour purple)


Yr 9 Mathematics Accelerants 
The Yr 9 Business Creators handed our class their initial Concept sketches. We were split into groups of two and were to recreate the logos using Desmos, a mathematical online graphing calculator. This worked well as we had already been learning about Linear and Non-linear equations and graphs in class. We applied this knowledge to our Desmos Logo creation by using different mathematical functions such as:
-    Linear
-    Quadratic
-    Circle
-    Ellipse
-    Trigonometric 
-    Exponential
-    Logarithmic  
We were encouraged to focus on shading, use of colour and restricting the domain and range.


Yr 10 Photographic & Digital Media 
After receiving the Concept and Desmos designs, we needed to refine the graphic qualities of each logo, while retaining the essential ideas and aesthetics of the designs we received. 
This involved using Adobe Illustrator to sharpen, or in some cases, redraw the lines and shapes in the initial sketches. We also needed to consider how a targeted use of fonts and lettering, as well as a limited colour palette could be used to maximise the visual appeal and communicative qualities of the final logos.


Emanuel School Visual Arts 

contemporary visual practice underpinned by our understanding of the past