The initial practical project we were assigned to create, consisted of a wallpaper design drawn from our cultural context and centred around the following quote by Michael Shermer. “Humans are pattern-seeking story-telling animals, and we are quite adept at telling stories about patterns, whether they exist or not.” This later evolved into a ceramic piece. Starting the process, we researched a range of artists in order to broaden our ideas and develop a strong, sophisticated concept. Then we developed a range of thumbnail sketches whilst deciding upon one to be our final design. There were a broad range of ideas that we all addressed in our wallpapers- including ethnicity, stereotyping and labelling others, gender conformity, academic culture, immigration and many more. These were later adapted into intricate designs and developed into a wallpaper. Pattern was a key factor to ensure the formatting aligned correctly and would look fitting if it were to be displayed in an everyday building. Although many challenges arose, everyone in the class persevered and created a meaningful final product. Despite the sketching, editing, constructing and repeating process being quite thorough, it strongly established and engaged upon new skills that can be used to deepen our themes and ability for future projects. Everyone in Year 11 should be extremely happy with the effort and accomplishment reached throughout the task.

Talia Sinani and Tallulah Stein

Wallpaper Design FINAL Arin Miller
SayaOshlack Wallpaper_TemplateDesign
Maya Armstrong _WallpaperArmstrong
noam meretz wallpaper
JaydaAbrahams_ Wallpaper
King_Lara Wallpaper

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