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Art vs Isolation

This is a call out to ALL Emanuel School students and staff. We believe that ART has the potential to bring a little light to almost all occasions, even pandemics! And so, we are running a 14 day art challenge just for us!

Here's the pitch:

> Starting Monday 23 March, we will post a new prompt every morning for two weeks (except Saturday) on this page

> You have until 5pm that day to submit an image of your creative response to that day's prompt

> Your creative response could be deep, funny, heartfelt, random, beautiful, a quote, a rough scribble, a detailed drawing, meaningful or silly (as long as it's appropriate)

> We will share the submissions anonymously the following day

If all works out, these will bring us a little joy!

Saturday's prompt is: #MOOD

Sunday's prompt is: #HOME/SCHOOL

Submit your image here: