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Future Artefact: Year 11 Visual Arts

'Future Artefact' is an exhibition of prints and ceramics by this year's Year 11 Visual Arts group.

The print based elements of the display come from a unit of work titled 'Wallpaper'. Here students needed to respond to a quote by Michael Shermer -


Humans are pattern-seeking story-telling animals, and we are quite adept at telling stories about patterns, whether they exist or not.


To respond to this prompt, students were restricted to a number of constraints specified within a brief. They needed to generate a repeating pattern in black and white that sought to communicate aspects of their cultural contexts as they understood them. Students were to employ a number of handmade and digital mark-making techniques and their final submission needed to be a vector based design that was finished with Adobe Illustrator.

The ceramic pieces in the display resulted from students expanding on their 'Wallpaper' designs, in seeking to synthesise their cultural contexts with their own perceptions of their subjective identities. Once again, students were constrained to a narrow colour palette and limitations around their dimensions. The resulting pieces are sensitive explorations of symbolic devices, both in their surface treatment, as well as their sculptural qualities.

See the Year 11 gallery page to see and read about these works in more detail.

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