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My Creative Process - 'The Beholder's Eye'

Creating my body of work was a deeply rewarding process that I will forever cherish. Each decision along the way was carefully considered to most effectively develop my original vision into my final 12 piece compilation. Initially, developing a concept proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Here, the simplicity in a concept that surrounded dogs was somewhat considered unsophisticated. However, it was exactly this simplicity that resulted in a successful and meaningful artwork. The choice to have multiple pieces rather than one was one of the most significant decisions, as I knew that with it would come a huge time pressure. An important lesson that I learnt was that such time pressure was overcome through a dedicated and organised routine, a hard work ethic and self motivation. Further technical challenges included painting skin tones on wood and utilizing gold leaf, however, these were dealt with through trial and error, patience and a calm approach. I am so appreciative for this incredible opportunity and for the guidance and independent learning that Emanuel School so generously provided. It is because of our School that both my love of art and academic success flourished.

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