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HSC Intensive Studio - National Art School

Over the Terms 2 and 3 holidays, Year 11 Visual Arts students, Gal Cohen-Kvatisnky, Erin Baskin and I were lucky enough to participate in the four day NAS HSC intensive studio. Each of us had been selected for a specific type of art making studio, Gal - Photography, Erin - Sculpture, and I - Life Drawing, out of a range of other disciplines like Painting, Ceramics, and Printmaking. Below are the individual reflections of the three studios we each participated in.

Erin on the Sculpture studio:

My time at the National Art School while learning skills within sculpture was an incredible privilege to experience. Over the course of four days, we looked into great depth at the 3D form of the human figure and the role it plays within art and representation. We were taught by our wonderful mentor Harry Fasher, how to create the figure by building it up from clay, often using a life model to guide our practice. It was amazing to be able to take part in this opportunity and I am excited to participate in the second module during next break.

Erin after the second module:

During the second module of sculpture course we had the opportunity to experiment with the versatility of cardboard. We were challenged to initially create a small scale sculptures and to upscale them dramatically throughout the rest of the week. This came with a few obstacles but the hard work over the five days taught me so much. My valuable experience at the National Art School in the discipline of sculpture was wonderful.

Hannah on the Life Drawing studio:

Learning the art of life drawing, studying live models for four days, being taught by a practicing artist, Deborah Marks, working in the beautiful campus of one of the most, if not the most prestigious art schools of Australia, and meeting like minded teenagers from all over New South Wales, was an opportunity and experience of a lifetime. The skills I gained over the intensive course have already change the way I practice and look at art forever.

Hannah after the second module:

We further explored ways in which to approach drawing a human figure not only through practice but also by researching artists such as Giacometti, Degas, and Freud. We learnt different ways and styles to portray a figure that added to the skills gained in module one. Having my works displayed in an exhibition, along with my class, gave me a feeling of achievement and pride, topping off the entire amazing experience.

Gal on the Photography studio:

Having the opportunity to experience art in a different way truly was the main highlight of my holidays. I must admit, I was quite nervous that it would be the most stressful four days of my break however, I actually didn’t want it to end. Having learnt new skills and develop my creative thinking further, extended my perspective of things that constantly surround me. The concept the class and myself focused on was turning the ordinary into something peculiar which led into the end product of a magazine. Working with both layout, aesthetics and new programs, I successfully produced an original magazine which will be one of the works I exhibit. I am so grateful for both being accepted into NAS as well as being surrounded by different, and amazing people.

My second week attending NAS was a mixture of stress and excitement which formed many new experiences and opportunities. After developing my skills over the course of two weeks, I completed a series of images of which I can look back on and be proud.

The course taught all three of us so much about art, and the skills we need to pursue it. To spend our holidays doing something we are passionate about was an opportunity we are all so grateful for.

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