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Clay September

To close off a busy and exciting term of art making, we held a small exhibition of ceramic based works from across a range of our Primary and Secondary programs. 'CLAY SEPTEMBER' is a selection of artworks from Years 5,6,10 and 11 that showcased the diverse range of ceramic sculptures and vessels in Visual Arts at Emanuel School.

YEAR 11 - ​Vessel

Students studied the history of ceramic vessels and responded to this using personal iconography. Each student sculpted their piece, with its neck narrower than the body, using a coil building technique. Students were inspired by British artist, Grayson Perry’s art practice; he utilises the three-dimensional form of the amphora to create a narrative and story of one’s life.

YEAR 10 - National Art School – Ceramics

This collection of ceramic works was developed by Year 10 students during a workshop at the National Art School. Students experienced for the first time, the joys and challenges of throwing clay on a pottery wheel. Back at school, each student selected and applied a glaze that they thought would suit their creation.

YEAR 6 - Pots That Tell Stories

Pots that Tell Stories is a unit inspired by the group from Central Australia. The Aboriginal women in this highly acclaimed potting group depict local culture and wildlife from around Hermannsburg. The History topic, Australia as a Nation allowed for discussion and investigation about Australia’s natural and built environment as well as an exploration of contemporary issues such as refugees and asylum seekers.

YEAR 5 - Sea of Hands

Studying sculpture in Semester 2, students have worked with a variety of media and techniques including hand building with clay. The study of hands occupies an entire term, as an anatomical study using clay and, as an extension in graphic design using digital media. Students are encouraged to work from a symbolic perspective as hands have often been used in artworks and advertising to represent freedom, empathy, charity, a life force and human emotion.

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