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🎨 vs 😷

Hi everyone 👋

Being creative can be an amazing way to combat some of the woes of lockdown!

If you’re stuck for ideas, you might get some great inspiration here:


  1. The Art Gallery of New South Wales have launched Together In Art – some AMAZING activities including artist led projects, artmaking videos and downloadable activities (Year 1-12)

  2. The National Gallery Victoria have an awesome CHANNEL – plenty of fascinating video, podcasts, virtual tours and readings on topics from Feminism to environmentalism and mindfulness in art and everything in between (Year 9-12)

  3. The National Gallery of Singapore have created their Children’s Biennale – full of interactive art based activities (Year 1-6)

  4. The Tate in the UK have set up Tate Kids – great resources for art making, games & quizzes and exploring (Year 1-8)

Hot Tip

> Learn How to Manage Your Home Studio from the master - our very own Chrystal Rimmer!


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