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Maya Sher's Body of Work at ArtExpress

Maya's beautiful artwork 'Corroded Inheritance' was selected for inclusion in this year's ArtExpress. The work uses plaster, cloth, liquid iron, instant rust, jewellery wire and perspex in sensitive and innovative ways to develop a sculptural exploration of complex and fascinating concepts.

Maya explains the themes and forces that guided her creative process:

The body of research, epigenetics, examines whether genetic phenotypes are altered at conception due to past generational trauma. My sculptural work, ‘Corroded Inheritance’ is a personal attribute, alluding to ideas of decay transmitted via the trauma of the Holocaust. The several forms reiterate a familial representation commenting on the significance of genetics. The rust symbolises weathering, the consequence of exposure to external environments, understood through the lens of dysfunctions of earlier generations. The crocheted wire, intricate and delicate, make reference to the complexity of our genetic makeup. The perspex vitrine, exemplifies the role of the museum in housing historical artefacts.

ArtExpress is an annual series of exhibitions of exemplary artworks created by New South Wales Visual Arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination.

Maya's Body of Work was included in the Hazelhurst Arts Centre exhibition.


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