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RED - GREEN - BLUE: Firstsite UK hits Emanuel School Primary Visual Arts classes working from home

Firstsite UK is a visual arts organisation based in Colchester, Essex, which launched in 2011.

The COVID-19 lockdown initiated a response from the organisation to ask for contributions from renown artists such as Grayson Perry, Antony Gormley, Sarah Lucas and Cornelia Parker to create art lessons for kids of all ages. Titled, ‘Art is where the home is’, over 45,000 people have downloaded the artist activity packs to date. Short, snappy and accessible recipes for artistic success have included this set of easy to follow instructions devised by Cornelia Parker:

  1. Find in your home 5-10 objects that are RED.

  2. Take them to the kitchen table.

  3. Create a still life by arranging the objects artfully in a creative display.

  4. You can make a number of displays if you want.

  5. Take a photo of your favourite arrangement.

As an extension to their art lessons on Stile, students from Years 2 - 5 jumped at the chance to artfully arrange objects of the same colour on their kitchen tables and documented the moment with a quick pic.

Check out the 75 beautiful entries we received:

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