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HSC Intensive Course at the National Arts School

The HSC Intensive Program is a 60 hour NESA endorsed course run by the National Art School in Darlinghurst. Out of 390 applicants statewide, an impressive five Emanuel School students were accepted. The course is split into two sessions that run during the mid-year and Term 3/4 breaks respectively. Two of our students - Saachi Owen and Charli Krite completed both sessions, which culminated with a beautiful exhibition on the grounds of the exclusive Art School.

Saachi Owen:

At the National Art School's HSC intensive workshop, I completed a course on painting, which included myself and around 20 students in my class alone, along with a teacher. I learned a lot of new skills from the mini lessons our teacher gave throughout the course about practical art skills such as minimising colour pallets, learning to use mediums such as thinners and thickeners and the structure of a face. Each student was assigned a personal work space in a wide circle. I found this created a more focused environment and this way the teacher could move between each student and help us with our works. Our personal projects began with an exact appropriation of an existing work, which helped me learn an artist’s technique and process, and then we moved on to creating our own original works using the skills we acquired. There were a few times when the course proved very difficult, especially after several hours of working on an artwork (I leaned to rotate between a few pieces). Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have learned a lot about my own artmaking ability and limitations, and that of the other students around me. It was really interesting at the end when I saw the work of other painters from across Australia that attended too.

Charli Krite:

For two modules, one in July and the second in October, I attended the National Art School HSC Intensive Studio Program. My chosen medium was ceramics, and along with more than 100 other talented students I learned to challenge myself, conceptually and technically, and broaden my creative thinking in the development of my works. During the two modules, I collaborated with other students to develop skills and create an individual body of work, the stimulus being ‘Between Worlds’. We explored what that can mean and how the world changes around us, finishing with an exhibit at the Art School. Working alongside the students and teachers at The National Art School, I have learnt so much and would recommend this opportunity to anyone who is inspired by the fine arts and hoping to pursue a career in the arts after school.

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